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Logikal Fistula Clamp


The LOGIKAL Fistula Clamps are designed to apply over the fistula site to help stop bleeding after removal of AVF needles.

The LOGIKAL Fistula Clamps are designed for single hand application and are therefore ideal for Home-patient use as well as Centre and Satellite use. They are robust and can be re-used; cleaning is best carried by wiping or immersing in a disinfecting solution or as described below. Supplied as a pair.

The Logikal Fistula Clamp applies a predictable even pressure to the fistula site. In house testing has shown that this clamp applied between 8-13 Newtons pressure, where a persons finger can apply between 3-20 Newtons pressure depending on their strength and perception of what is required. The spread of pressure is due to differing limb diameters.



  • Do not use the fistula clamp on NEW fistula
  • Do not leave the clamp on a Fistula for more than 20 minutes
  • Not recommended for Grafts
  • Can be cleaned by Alkaline rinse @80oC- 1 minute or by soaking in Bleach

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