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Under Water Chest Drainage System

5-0800, 5-1400, 5-2000

The Logikal Chest Drainage System is manufactured in Australia for use as a single bottle system under-water seal thoracic drain.

Available in: 800ml, 1400ml, 2litre

The Chest Drain is an Australian made product with successful use in theatres, ICU, Respiratory & Emergency departments. Aus-Seal is extremely economical and simple to use.
A key feature of the Aus-Seal is the patented Thora Valve incorporated in the screw cap. By incorporating the Thora Valve positive pressure relief valve, this risk of pressure build up is avoided.
If the air vent tubing became occluded (kinked, blocked) the subsequent air pressure forces the ball of the Thora-Valve to lift from its seat allowing pressure to escape and preventing any life threatening pressure to build up in the system.

The 2 litre model includes a disposable floor stand which converts to a bed-hanger! Non-disposable floor standards are available for the 800ml & 1400ml bottles!

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