Le Med Nasal Splint

Le Med has partnered with Logikal Health, another Australian owned company, to control the manufacturing , quality control and regulatory processes required for international success in the medical device sphere. Le Med’s success is evolving from the excellent medical expertise of Dr Le and the medical manufacturing and commercial experience of Ken Logan. This Australian made Invisible Nasal Splint is ideal for stabilising the nose post-surgical and injectable rhinoplasty.

It helps with symptoms such as:

-   Haemorrhage 2% - 4%                  -   Oedema and ecchymosis               -  Infection (via easier inspection)              - Skin necrosis.

The Invisible Nasal Split is available in various sizes:

  • Petite Nasal Splint: CODE SCU-5-0000

  • Small Nasal Split: CODE SCU-5-0001

  • Medium Nasal Splint: CODE SCU-5-0002

  • Large Nasal Splint: CODE SCU-5-0003

  • Combo Kit – 6x small splints + 4x medium splints: CODE SCU-5-0012

  • Starter Kit – 1x Petite + 4x Small + 4x Medium + 1x Large Splint: CODE SCU-5-0010

Liposuction sets: CODE SC0162 / SC0164 / SC0167

Logikal has three standard Liposuction Sets. We can also customize sets to your specification. Logikal can manufacture a range of Liposuction sets to accommodate various peristaltic pumps and procedures. The range includes both single and double outlets, as well as single and double pump segments.