Established in 1995, Logikal Health Products is 100% Australian owned, and is operated, on a daily basis, by the directors of the business. The company was founded (& still is located) at Morisset, NSW, with the aim of bringing employment opportunities to the Lake Macquarie. We are committed to building Australian manufacturing & providing local jobs.

Logikal’s skill set is in regulated manufacturing (GMP or ISO13485) i.e. making medicinal, pharmaceutical, veterinary products etc., where high quality is not just an aim, but is a legal requirement! (Yes… We can make non-GMP as well, but these will still be high quality).

Although Logikal started life as a medical device supplier to hospitals (e.g. using our TGA assessed cleanroom to supply packs & infusion tubing to the dialysis segment), Logikal has expanded it’s contract manufacturing scope in recent years, to also include liquid, cream & paste production.

However, regardless of the type of product, our comprehensive commitment to externally (TGA) audited quality assurance programs helps to ensure the very best products & service for our partners & customers.

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