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Host Device Manufacturing

‘Host’ Device Manufacturing is where Logikal takes on the role as the legally recognized (ISO13485) manufacturer for your medical device product.


We assist innovative companies, medical practitioners and entrepreneurs take products from concept to market. The Logikal team has a track record of successfully assisting the commercialization of medical devices. You can save significant time and money on your development and regulatory work! Assistance can be provided in many forms, including:

  • Product development & prototyping processes.

  • Regulatory approvals: TGA Conformity Assessment, CE and/or FDA approvals.

  • Sterilization (validation & production).

  • Funding experience - Government grants and/or private equity.

  • Packaging design and manufacturing readiness - within Australia, USA & China.

  • Warehousing & distribution.


Many start-up projects underestimate the costs and skills required to navigate a device from conception through to market release. It's common to waste $'000's & many months in the process


Logikal has the facility and the experience to help. Avoid the same mistakes - ask us for examples of how the Logikal team have assisted others in the past.

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